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Today more so than ever, we all face challenges in our daily lives.

You may work hard to earn a living and feel you deserve to relax by taking holidays abroad.

You may rely on internal flights as part of your work.

What you may not be aware of is the fact that aerophobia (fear of flying) is the seventh global fear causing untold stress and imposing needless limitations to people’s lives.

It can be overcome easily.

Consider the following:

You have arrived and checked in at the airport, having had very little sleep due to your anxiety about flying.

There is a 2 hour wait prior to departure.

However hard you try to distract yourself, your fear increases to panic and even to the point of terror, as you wait for your flight to be announced.


Phone me for an EFT session while you are waiting in the departure lounge and we can use that time productively to dissolve your fears.

I will teach you simple coping strategies over the phone which will allow you to feel in control again and relaxed enough to ENJOY your flight!

Impossible?  TRY IT!  You’ll be so glad you did!

I am so confident that if you are not looking forward to the return flight then I will give you a free session to get you back on the plane for your return flight home.

Contact me now for an immediate solution

I have always had a fear of flying and with a flight to Geneva looming, I was persuaded by a friend to try a session of EFT treatment with Fran. Despite being very sceptical – even after the treatment – I found to my surprise that on boarding the plane, I actually chose a window seat (previously a horror well avoided) and was even able to point out with great excitement the Pyrenees to my friend as we were flying over them.  I only had one session of treatment and I am now able to handle the idea of flying without  sleepless nights beforehand.  So, Fran, it worked for me.  Many thanks.


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