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It doesn’t matter if you are sceptical. You don’t have to ‘believe’ for it to be effective.

What to Expect in an EFT Session

First we shall talk together so I can hear which issues you want to resolve.

I will demonstrate the simple tapping technique which you will copy and easily learn.

I will ask you to concentrate on a specific event that has caused negative emotions (there may be many but we shall address them one at a time)
I will ask you, on a scale of 0-10, how intense your feelings are. This gives us a way to test that the intensity lessens as we work together.

We shall begin rounds of tapping and bring the intensity of each negative emotion down to a zero.

Often clients find that other aspects of their issues come up while the y are tapping. These can also be dealt with in turn.

When a session comes to an appropriate place to stop, I will ask you for a suitable day and time for me to phone you a week or so later, to follow up how you are progressing.

If you wish to do some further tapping together when I phone, that’s absolutely fine. It can be just as effective.

Working by Telephone or Skype Anywhere in the World

It would help if the client was familiar with the location of the tapping points before our telephone session commences.

To find a clear diagram of the tapping points please click here.

I can describe them over the phone or send a diagram by email.

The advantages to the client of telephone sessions are:

It can be done at any time…especially useful when the problem is right at hand, such as a panic attack or phobia.

No need for the client to travel to an appointment.


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