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jacquiI have known and worked with Fran intermittently for over 10 years. During this time I have come to know her as a highly professional and skilled practitioner, empathetic, warm and intuitive in her approach and with a true depth of understanding of the human condition. Her work with EFT shows a degree of mastery which I value hugely as it has been instrumental in helping me address and overcome a number of highly challenging and emotionally intense situations and her approach serves to reduce the intensity of the emotions experienced and gain significant personal insights which support resolution.

Dr Jacqui Lunday Johnstone OBE
Chief Health Professions Officer – Scottish Government

towards freedom

Fran was recommended to me by a friend when I was looking for ways to deal with jangling nerves that I felt were hindering my performances as a live TV presenter. Learning to ‘tap’ certain acupressure points, to get to a calmer and more confident place before the cameras started rolling, really helped. After just one hour with Fran on the phone, I was more fluent in my speech when doing live interviewing. I no longer get hung up on small mistakes and most importantly I really enjoy my work and have fun with it now. She quickly understood my worries and concern and really helped put me on the road to success. Every time I feel the adrenalin start to get in the way, I’ve now got a technique that’s so simple and easy to do for myself!

Penny Haslam
TV Journalist

I have felt so much more at peace with myself… sadness appears but not continually dominating everything so thank you. Anger totally gone so big thank you for that!

H. Forman

I came to see Frances after a friend recommended her to me.  I was suffering an enormous amount of stress and feeling extremely drained and anxious – and knowing I have major life changing decisions to make in the future, I needed her help.  After her initial chat, Frances put me at ease immediately and is very easy to talk to.  We got on with the ‘tapping’ straight away – which was very easy to do and a ‘tool’ which I can use in my daily life as and when I need to. Unbelievable! – my stress and anxieties lifted and the enormity of my problems disappeared almost immediately – I left feeling a weight had been lifted from me and I could think a lot clearer. Those obstacles I had in front of me have diminished and don’t seem as huge as I had made them.  I would definitely recommend Frances to anyone who is suffering…


Fran was recommended to me by a friend and I would not hesitate to do the same and recommend her to others. I found Fran to be incredibly patient and kind and also very down to earth, so that although some may find the concept a bit flaky and new age, in fact talking to her feels very much like talking to an old friend. I left both phone calls feeling comforted and supported, but with the added benefit of having acquired new tools and a changed mindset to alter the previous thought patterns that had tormented me. I think her fee is very good value, especially given that she offers a follow up phone call at no charge – despite me talking again for hours. I was also amazed and incredibly grateful at how Fran fitted me in at such short notice around Christmas and the New Year – even on a Bank Holiday. I rather wish she lived nearer and that I could invite her round for a cup of tea. Even if you are sceptical, do call her, she is quite delightful and the process simple and relaxing so you can’t help but feel better afterwards.


It has already made such a big difference in my life and I’m sure that the positive changes are going to continue. Thanks again and keep on doing what you’re doing 🙂 I’ve written to my two friends about you so they may be in touch.

All the best,


Frances is so calming and yet so positive.  After just one session with her I felt relaxed and comforted and able to address my problems.


Thanks for your help over the phone the other night, it was fascinating to say the least.  You may be onto a winner here, I think this EFT really works.  I woke up this morning with not a care in the world… weird!!!!


Fran is a warm and compassionate therapist.  She is very focussed and professional.  She has helped me considerably.  I have and will continue to recommend her to others.


Thank you so much for Friday afternoon. That was a mega marathon you sat through – and gave me so much help and encouragement. I came out on a ‘high’ and went off to the shops. I was just at the check-out when I heard this little voice shout ‘ Grandma’ My grandson threw his arms around my legs and hugged me! What a treat for me. I hadn’t bumped into them at the shops for at least 6 months!

As I was getting into my car, my daughter asked how I was coping with ‘the situation’ I half smiled and half grimaced but said nothing. Finally I asked how she was coping and she replied “I’m not coping at all!” with a sort of hysterical laugh.

I drove off and will leave you to guess how I was feeling about all that!  (A clue – I was smiling)

So – thanks again for all your help, don’t think I could have done all that without it.


Thank you very much for your help Fran, and for fitting me in at such short notice.  I am feeling so much better!


Thanks for the stuff you sent today.  Very helpful.  Rode out today – on my own with no fear and that has to be something close to a miracle. Just brilliant! Thank you.


I have always had a fear of flying and with a flight to Geneva looming, I was persuaded by a friend to try a session of EFT treatment with Fran. Despite being very sceptical – even after the treatment – I found to my surprise that on boarding the plane, I actually chose a window seat (previously a horror well avoided) and was even able to point out with great excitement the Pyrenees to my friend as we were flying over them.  I only had one session of treatment and I am now able to handle the idea of flying without  sleepless nights beforehand.  So, Fran, it worked for me.  Many thanks.


towards freedomI just wanted to send you a quick email to say thanks for your help over the last couple of days.  Yesterday was a really important game against Jackie because she has had some good wins rece ntly and is an in form player.  I am really pleased with my 3-0 win against her and I am positive tapping with you before the game was a big help.  It really got me tuned in and I felt completely focussed throughout the match.  Grainger had a chat with me after our game today and she said she really noticed a difference in me yesterday.  Of course she meant physically too, but one comment she made was about how I looked a different person when I walked onto the court.  She said I didn’t look like I was scared to go on and play anymore, but had lots of confidence.  Thanks again for everything.

Dominique Lloyd-Walter
Woman’s England Squad, Weybridge


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  • Joanna says:

    During a skype conversation with Fran, I was experiencing a dull, yet persistent recurring ache in my lower back, on the left side. We were talking about a situation in the past and when Fran asked me to describe the pain, she determined the emotional cause was residual feelings of lack of support related to the situation we had been discussing. Then she asked me whether I would like to try EFT. Within minutes of tapping and repeating the mantra, the dull ache felt as though it was heating up and I felt a slight tingle before the pain diminished and literally disappeared. The ache has not returned ever since that day and I recently got a tattoo of a purple and magenta butterfly on the exact spot as a symbolic reminder. I’ve also found EFT very beneficial during migraines and in general during stressful and demanding situations.
    I cannot thank Fran enough for this wonderful gift.
    With love & gratitude, Jo

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